How to use UreChem MS Glamour Clear UC-210

UreChem Automotive Paints | HS 2K Polyurethane Primer Surfacer | UC-210

UC-210 glamour clear is our higher solids clear which provides a deep wet-look shine and has excellent UV protection for a longer-lasting finish.  In fact, the unique UV additive package now used in UC 210 provides more UV protection than most clears costing substantially more. UC 210 HS Glamour Clear is a perfect choice for overalls and custom work where appearance and durability are more important than the speed of drying. UC-210 cuts and buffs easily after 24 hours cure and can be cut and buffed indefinitely

UC-210 Clearcoat Compliance

UC-210 is not compliant for use in Low VOC markets such as most of California, Maryland, and Delaware. Be sure to check your local regulations before purchasing. We do offer a Low VOC clear coat compliant for markets that require Low VOC finishes.

Best Spraying Conditions

As with any automotive finish, proper painting conditions are important for obtaining the best results. It's best to paint in temperatures above 60°F part temperature and at least 70°F paint material temperature. Keep in mind that the conditions outside are brought into your booth through your booth intake.

Moisture should be a concern when applying automotive finishes. So, unless your paint booth has the ability to heat your parts well above the dew point, you should not paint when raining, dew on the ground, or fog in the air. Parts painted at temperatures near the dew point can easily condensate thin layers of moisture which are often not visible on the part or in the paint film itself but can cause failure to the finish.

Low humidity Blue sky days are the best conditions for painting provided you can get your part temperatures above 60 F. Once you have your parts ready to paint and the conditions are good for painting, start by wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment and only use this product in areas that are free of ignition sources such as heat, sparks, or open flames.

Best Practices & Usage

There is no need to shake this clear coat prior to opening. In fact, shaking the can of clear can cause microfoam that can end up in your finished product. UC-210 mixes 2 to 1 by volume with UreChem UA-Series Activators & can be reduced up to 10% if desired. Measuring and mixing are made easy using the 2 to 1 column on the UreChem mixing cup. mix gently, then strain into your spray gun.

For best atomization, spray pressures should be set to:

20 - 26 psi

at the trigger for gravity-fed HVLP Guns

40 - 55 psi

For siphon fed guns for reduced pressure guns refer to the manufacturer's recommendations

1.3 or 1.4-millimeter

for fluid tips are considered optimal but smaller or larger tips may work satisfactorily depending on the gun.

Tips on Trigger Adjustments

One often forgotten setting is your fluid or trigger adjustment. The knob behind the trigger on your spray gun is what controls how much fluid is released to the spray head. Too much material released results in large droplets and too much material applied and too little material results in smaller droplets, which can lead to dry spray.

Each time you use your spray gun, It's a good practice to screw the fluid adjustment clockwise all the way to hand type, then count the rotations as you turn it counterclockwise to open it up. With UC-210, 3 to 4 turns out from hand tight is generally a good starting point.

How to Spray & Test Spray-Outs

At this point, you're ready to do a test spray on paper or on your booth wall. Your spray pattern should be a tight and uniform ellipse. If not, then you may need to clean some of the small orifices in your spray tip or air cap. Once you have a good spray pattern, it's a good idea to spray a test panel to make sure the product flows well and you're happy with your settings.

Apply three wet coats with 50 to 75% overlap

allowing 15 minutes flash times between coats.

Use a 6 - 8 inch fan pattern

and approximately six-inch gun distance is a good general rule after your last coat. While satisfactory UV protection & gloss can be achieved in 2 coats, applying additional coats makes for a deeper, more durable finish.

Clean your gun immediately

with a gun cleaning solvent, lacquer thinner, acetone, or M.E.K.

Check local regulations for compliant gun cleaner options.  UC 210 should be allowed to cure at least 24 hours before wet sanding and polishing if desired.

Thanks for joining us on the proper use of UreChem MS performance clear
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Be sure to check out the UreChem 210 Tutorial video below!