Surface Prep

CHEM-CLEAN Wax, and Grease Remover (SBWG)

Critical to the performance of any coating system is having a properly prepared substrate.   Chem-Clean, SBWG, is a solvent blend designed to dissolve common contaminants including waxes, greases and silcones so they can be wiped away leaving a clean paintable surface.  This is an excellent choice as a final clean wipe on lightly soiled substrates.  Fast evaporating with no residuals left behind to effect coating performance.

Available in quarts and gallons.  Buy SBWG Auto Grease Remover

HYDRO-CLEAN Water-Borne Surface Cleaner (WBWG)

Hydro-Clean, WBWG, is a water-based blend of surfactant and water miscible co-solvent designed to lift and emulsify waxes, greases and silicones commonly found on surfaces.  The emulsification of contaminants helps reduce re-distribution across the surface making Hydro-Clean a more user friendly and environmentally sound pre-cleaning product.  Hydro-Clean is also suitable as a surface cleaner for plastic repairs following our recommended process.

Available in quart spray bottles and gallons.  Buy WBWG Water Based Auto Cleaner Here