OxyStik 2K Epoxy Primer

OxyStik Epoxy Primer, EP21, is a two component epoxy primer system designed with epoxy copolymers, anti-corrosive pigments and adhesion resins to ensure excellent application properties, fast dry time, tenacious adhesion, and long lasting corrosion resistance on a wide variety of substrates. EP21 is the best choice for direct to metal priming in harsh service environments such as repeated exposure to salt water from winter roads or sea water.

Available in quarts and gallons.

OxyStik 2K Epoxy Primer/Sealer
Automotive Primer Surfacer UP-61

ChemFill HS PolyUrethane Primer Surfacer (UP 61)

ChemFill Polyurethane Primer Surfacer is a high solids two component polyurethane primer designed with reactive copolymers, and blended with fillers and extender pigments to ensure excellent application properties, fast dry time, easy sanding and feathering on a wide variety of substrates. This is the best choice for filling and sanding requirements. Mixes 4 parts primer UP 61 color with 1 part UA-41 activator and 1 part reducer.

Available in quarts and gallons.

ColorSeal PolyUrethane Sealer (US 80 Series)

ColorSeal Polyurethane Sealer, UP80 series, is a two component polyurethane primer system designed with urethane reactant copolymers, extender pigments and additives to create a primer that applies easily to a smooth finish for painting and seals off layers beneath. This is the best choice for providing a smooth, uniform foundation for color coats. Mixes 4 parts US80 colored sealer with 1 part UA Series activator and then reduce with an additional 1 part reducer.  Available in 15+ colors for faster topcoat coverage and minimizing stone chip visibility commonly occurring in normal vehicle use.

Available in a variety of colors in quarts and gallons.

US80 Automotive Primer Sealer
UreChem Automotive Paints | Quadflex Adhesion Promoter & Flex Agent

QuadFlex Adhesion Promoter & Flexing Additive

QuadFlex Adhesion Promoter, QF-777, is a multi-functional specialty polymer solution suitable as an adhesion promoter for a wide variety of substrates including plastics commonly encountered in automotive finishing.  Provided in a convenient ready to spray form this product is easy to apply and dries quickly.  It can also be used in our urethane primers and basecoat as a flexing agent when refinishing flexible parts.