Over the last decade Hot Rod Black and other low gloss Hot Rod Flatz style colors have seen dramatic increases in popularity to the point that some, particularly the black, are considered a main stream color.  In fact, many car manufacturers from Ford to Lamborghini are now offering low gloss matte car paint or satin black color options on new vehicles.  We have invested a lot of time and technical resources into creating a line of durable, low gloss, hot rod flatz colors and clearcoats in four different gloss sheens to suit a wide range of personal preferences.  Unlike other companies that promote primers as their low gloss paint colors, we have built a durable, UV resistant, 2K urethane finish designed specifically for use as a low gloss urethane topcoat.

Matte Car Paint | Gloss Sheens

Many casual observers don’t recognize that hot rod black and other hot rod black flat can vary greatly in gloss sheen.  Terms like “flat black”, “matte black”, “satin black” and “semi gloss black”  are often used interchangeably to describe the hot rod black style finishes but each term actually represents a different look based on the gloss sheen or “shine” each gives off.  As shown in the photos below, flat black (or whatever color finish) refers to finishes that transfer essentially no gloss to the observer while matte car paint transfers only a slight amount, satin somewhat more and semi-gloss represents a finish that is starting to become glossy but clearly not a high gloss automotive finish.