Color Systems

We have a variety of products to deliver the colors you need including conventional and low VOC basecoat, candy in basecoat and 2K urethane midcoat form, high gloss single stage, and low gloss single stage, flat, matte, satin, and semi-gloss sheens.  Each system is built from premium polymers, solvents, pigments (or dyes for the candy colors), and additives formulated by our professional polymer chemist with over 25 years formulating coatings.

SlikBase Urethane Basecoat

SlikBase combines great chemistry with cool colors.  Our basecoats are easy to spray with good metallic/pearlescent control and dry quickly to a smooth, "Slik", finish. dry quickly to a smooth base ready for clear.  Available in highly weatherable pigmented colors such as including solid colors, metallic colors, and 2 stage pearlescent, and 3 stage pearlescent colors.  Also included are rich, vibrant, and deep custom colors including, chameleon colors, candy basecoats, Neon (fluorescent) basecoats, and other specialty effects. SlikBase mixes 2:1 by volume with UreChem Urethane Reducer and may be activated for enhanced toughness and intercoat adhesion.

UreChem Automotive Paints | EyeKandy 2K Urethane Candy Color

EyeKandy 2K Urethane True Candy Paint

The EyeKandy EKU series is a 2K urethane candy made from high gloss reactive acrylic polymers combined with transparent dyes and/or pigments to give a beautiful transparent color.  Used in combination with reflective metallic bases and a protective clear these colors make deep sparkling colors with unmatched depth of color.  However, like any true candy paint, EyeKandy finishes have a limited life outdoors when compared to conventional pigmented basecoat clearcoat automotive finishes.  There are currently 15 shades of EKU candy color available.  However, combining those 15 transparent colors with our many basecoat colors and additives creates thousands of color possibilities.

UreTop Urethane Single Stage Topcoat

UreTop is our line of high quality, high gloss, 2K Polyurethane Single Stage Topcoat.  Formulated with high performance copolymer polyols and trimers of weatherable isocyanates these colors not only look great but they are built to last.  Easy to apply and productive dry times make these colors a great choice for fleet, light industrial, topside marine, and automotive finishing. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Mixes 4 parts color to 1 part activator to 1 part UR series urethane reducer.

UreChem Automotive Paints | 2K Urethane High Gloss Topcoat
UreChem Automotive Paints | Slikphlats Low Sheen

SlikPhlats Low Gloss Polyurethane Topcoat

SlikPhlats is a polyurethane single stage formulated to offer sleek, low gloss "hot rod" colors without requiring a clearcoat.  With over 100 vibrant colors including solid, metallic and pearl effect colors you are sure to find a color to make your ride stand out. Mixes 4 parts color with 1 part UA-40, 41, or 42 series activator and reduce with an additional 1 part UR series urethane grade reducer.

Low VOC Compliant Basecoat

Urechem offers a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) basecoat clearcoat system for cutomers in areas regulated automotive paint.

Areas that require Low VOC:

  • Most of California
  • Parts of Utah
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Washington DC

Others areas may have adopted these rule since this site was published so check your local regulations before choosing your product.