Automotive clear coats are a critical part of any refinish system as they control many of the aesthetic and durability properties of the final finish. We've designed a concise line of clears suited to common application styles, dry times, and regulatory requirements.  Our clearcoats are made from premium resins, solvents, and additives from the largest raw material suppliers in the world.  Each clear is fortified with a blend of UV absorbers (ie sunscreen for paint) and light stabilizers to protect both the clear and the colors beneath.  Read on to learn more specifics about each clearcoat we offer.

UC-410 is formulated with acrylic polyol and cured with industry leading isocyanurate trimer to ensure high gloss, fast dry, and good durability.  UC-410 is our medium solids clear and the easiest to apply for painters that prefer a thinner clear that dries faster. Generally 3-4 coats are applied to achieve a deeper, custom effect. UC-410 mixes 4-1 with our universal series of activators.

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Available in quarts and gallons.

UC-210 is formulated with a high solids acrylic polyol cured with industry leading isocyanurate trimers which results in a higher solids clearcoat that builds faster for a deeper, wetter final look. The higher solids formulation also dries slower which provides a longer open time for post application flow and solvent release.  As a result, UC-210 tends to provide a deeper look in higher temperatures and humidty than does the UC-410 clear.  Mixes 2:1 with UA series universal urethane activator.

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Available in quarts and gallons.

UC-421 is formualted with acrylic polyol and exempt solvents and cured with our universal activators based on industry leading isocyanurate trimers.  This clear is required for use in low VOC regulated markets including most of California, Maryland, and Deleware.  This product generally requires 3-4 coats to achieve gloss and depth comparable or better than factory finishes.  Mixes 4 to 1 with our UA Series Activator.

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Available in quarts and gallons. 2.1 VOC.

This kit contains one Quart or Gallon of UC-44 low gloss clear in Flat, Matte, Satin or Semi Gloss sheen and one half pint. of standard activator required to catalyze this clear.  This is a great product at an outstanding price!

This clear dries to a sleek low gloss clear sheen for a sleek low gloss clear effect.  Special blend of transparent pigments and additives improves mar resistance and toughness while flexible polymers prevent cracking and flaking and improves chip resistance.  Urethane chemistry and U.V. absorbers ensure long life.

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Available in quarts and gallons.

IC-100 is a clear basecoat often used to aid in blending color, application of effect solids such as pearls, and flakes, protecting graphics, and as a protective clear in non-exposed areas.   Formulated with a special blend of urethane reactant polymers for durability and good adhesion to common basecoat substrates.

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This item is not intended for use as a topcoat clear.