Breaking the Neutral Paint Mold

The majority of luxury vehicles you see on the road are most likely not hotrod red or neon orange. They’re timeless hues of “diamond,” “titanium silver,” and “Tahitian pearl” – in other words, white, gray, and black. Neutral paint colors are a safe bet, because car owners assume they retain the highest resale values. New studies, however, suggest otherwise.

Neutrals Never Go Out of Style

For years, neutral paint colors have been the top choice for luxury vehicle owners around the world. They’re sophisticated, elegant, and attractive to a wide range of people. Upon resale, there’s no danger of a neutral color offending someone or causing a buyer to find fault in the paint color. Whites, grays, and blacks are appropriate for every venue, with silver remaining the color of choice for luxury vehicles.

Car color trends change more slowly than trends in clothing or other consumer goods. Cars typically flip every several years as opposed to every season. Therefore, paint color is critical at the time of purchase. Choosing colors such as green or yellow runs the risk of going out of style in the next six or seven years – ultimately costing the buyer. Neutral colors are calm and luxurious, landing them the top spot throughout history.

The right car color can be just as important to buyers as the price or vehicle options. Neutral colors will always be attractive, especially with the new appeal of “technological” colors such as silver. Though opting for trendy colors may feel like an unnecessary risk, moving outside the box does have benefits.

Disproving the Stigma Surrounding Colorful Cars

While the popularity of neutral colors remains undisputed, it may surprise luxury car connoisseurs to learn that colorful cars do not lose their resale value. In fact, according to an analysis of more than 20 million used car listings, yellow, orange, teal, and green may actually have higher resale values than neutral-colored cars. While white or silver cars may sell faster, they don’t always sell for as high a price as eye-popping colors.

According to the study, the average depreciation rate for vehicles of any color is 33.6%. Black vehicles came higher than the average at 34.4%, along with gray at 34.2%, and white at 33.7%. Silver, although the most popular color, has a depreciation rate of 34%. Attention-grabbing hues, on the other hand, came in with significantly lower depreciation rates. Yellow had the lowest rate at 26.2%, followed by orange at 27.6% and green at 31.3%. Teal, red, beige, brown, and gold were also below the average.

The result of this study may come as a shock to many owners who have believed for years that neutral-colored luxury cars are the safest purchase. Used car buyers may be more inclined to spend their money on vehicles that attract attention with loud colors versus vehicles that blend in. Or perhaps it’s due to a larger pool of buyers who desire unconventional colors instead of the more commonly found neutral variety. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that the stigma surrounding colorful cars is officially broken.

Benefits of Colorful Paint Colors

Not only do owners no longer have to worry about losing resale value with colorful cars, but they can also enjoy additional perks. The color of your car can express how you perceive yourself and even affect your mood. Bold colors such as yellow and red produce feelings of adrenaline, while colors like teal or green boost performance aesthetic. Shades of white, such as pearl, cream, and “diamond,” won’t be going anywhere soon. They produce feelings of timelessness and freshness.

Drivers will choose a color based on current trends and their own feelings – leaving room for vehicles in every shade. Choosing a color like yellow can separate your luxury vehicle from the pack and prove a better investment than a neutral color over time. A custom paint job can boost the resale value of a vehicle and target a younger, trendier buyer demographic. The best custom paint jobs use well-engineered additives to ensure optimal versatility for any application. Custom paint jobs can translate to brighter hues that make bold statements, or you can choose classic colors that will never fall out of style.

Silvers and grays are at the top of current paint color trends, representing the modern world’s obsession with technology. However, colors such as blue, red, and gold still have their own place in today’s luxury vehicle marketplace. Black has fallen out of favor in recent years in exchange for tones of white, which have become increasingly popular. Depreciation rates of different colors change from year to year. It’s safe to say neutral tones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but brightly colored vehicles are certainly holding their own.