A well engineered line of additives, activators and reducers is a must for a professional line of autobody repair and fleet coatings to ensure versatility in the wide range of applications and shop environments products often encounter.   For additional technical support contact us at

UR Series Urethane Grade Reducers

Our urethane grade thinners are designed specifically for our urethane basecoats and topcoats to ensure good atomization, flow, and leveling while minimizing the risk of moisture reactions and retention in the film.  Color, water content and reactive hydroxyl content is monitored to prevent catalyst degradation and off gassing. Choose reducer selection based on temperature AND the size of the item to be painted.  When painting an average sized vehicle we suggest the following temperature ranges:

  • UR-010   Fast Urethane Reducer (Less than 70F)
  • UR-011   Standard Urethane Reducer (70F to 85F)
  • UR-012   Slow Urethane Reducer (85F and Above)

For smaller objects such as motorcycle tanks and fenders you can typically use one grade faster of thinner than those numbers for a car.

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Important Note: We don’t (and no one else does to our knowledge) recommend painting our products at temperatures below 60F air temperature or item temperature!

UA Series Universal Urethane Activators

All urethane and polyurethane products in the UreChem product line have been formulated to work with our UA 40, 41, and 42 series universal urethane activators.  This allows painters and distributors to keep a smaller level of stock to use a wide range of products, helps minimize the chance of using the wrong activator by accident, and helps us give fantastic value by purchasing in bulk.   The UA series activators are formulated using urethane grade solvents and industry leading isocyanurate trimers to ensure long term stability and weatherability. Available in three speeds for optimizing reactivity and flow for your specific job.

  • UA-40     Fast Urethane Activator
  • UR-41     Standard Urethane Activator
  • UR-42     Slow Urethane Activator

Available in quarts, & half pints kit ordering with your UreChem color system.

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Turbo-Kure Polyurethane Accelerator (AUC-56)

In instances where the temperature drops below 60F after painting or if you are just looking to speed up the dry of our 2K polyurethane products we offer Turbo-Kure urethane accelerator in our UreKem label. Add 1/2 ounce per sprayable quart and watch your cure kick into over drive! Will reduce pot life so it is recommended you mix just enough to use in a 20-30 minute period. A great tool to have around the shop!

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Fisheye & Crater Eliminator (AFE-52)

Fisheyes and their relatives, craters, are caused from contaminants either on the surface of the item your painting, in your spray set up, or just airborne that lands in your paint at the wrong time. These contaminants won’t allow your paint to wet the surface adequately in that spot and literally can push your wet paint film away. AFE-52 works to counter-act this effect by lowering surface tension to allow better flow over contaminated surfaces.

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Edge Blender (ABS-10)

Whenever absolutely possible we suggest that blend repairs be clearcoated/single staged over the entire panel beyond the repair area.  However, we recognize there are some situations where this just isn’t possible.  For these situations we recommend ABS-10 edge blender. Combine ABS-10 with a small amount of your clear coat and feather your clear/blender beyond your repair area then polish lightly to remove texture and your done. Using ABS-10 with your 2K clear you get a true 2K blend taper edge rather than a lacquer that you get out of a spray can.  If lacquers held up why did we quit using them for warranty repairs 20 years ago!

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Universal Flow Enhancer (ARE-66)

As the weather warms up it becomes more and more difficult for paint to flow and level, particularly on larger objects.  ARE-66 with its engineered solvent and flow additives can help eliminate orange peel from small objects to large surface areas.  If you are struggling to make your finish flow try ARE-66!

Extends flow time and helps maintain a wet edge.

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