UreChem Paints is a family owned and operated business located in South Mississippi where we formulate, test, and manufacture our own line of auto paints geared towards professional custom and restoration shops across North America.  We have our own award winning polymer chemist with more than 25 years experience formulating coatings including time with well known North American and European brands.  Our unique sales and marketing approach, combined with a smart manufacturing process allows us to make a high quality product at prices substantially lower than traditonal automotive paint brands.

We sold our first gallon of paint in 2009 and have grown, in an increasingly competitive market, every year despite having zero sales people.  Why?  Because, when you make a good product, sell it for a fair price, and treat your customers with respect, people enjoy telling other people about your product.   Our customers are our sales force!  With more than 25,000++ vehicles now having been painted with UreChem products, chances are you have admired our products at your local and national car shows.  If you are in the market for a new paint brand for your shop or just looking for a cool color to bring to your paint shop for your latest project, give our product a try and give us the opportunity to convert you to our sales team!

Urechem Paints Location