The 1972 Dodge Charger replaced the R/T version with a new “Rallye” option. Also, the 383 was replaced with a 400 while the 440 remained. The horsepower ratings dropped significantly as measurements were toned back to be more realistic for real world use.

Additionally, the 1972 Dodge Charger was the last to hold the Dana 60 differential when paired with the 440/4 speed and 3.54 rear end.

CodeNameColor Chip
A4Light Gunmetal Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-A4-Light-Gunmetal-Poly
A5Silver Frost Poly.No Paint Chip
B1Powder Blue1972-Dodge-Charger-B1-Powder-Blue
B3Blue Streak1972-Dodge-Charger-B3-Blue-Streak
B5Brite Blue Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-B5-Brite-Blue-Poly
B7Midnight Blue Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-B7-Midnight-Blue-Poly
B9Regal Blue Poly.No Paint Chip
E5Bright RedNo Paint Chip
F3Fiesta Green Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-F3-Fiesta-Green-Poly
F5Bright Yellow (Gold) Green Poly.No Paint Chip
F7Sherwood Green Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-F7-Sherwood-Green-Poly
L4Summer Sand1972-Dodge-Charger-L4-Summer-Sand
Q5Turquoise Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-Q5-Turquoise-Poly
T6Doeskin (Medium Tan) Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-T6-Doeskin-Poly
T8Dark Tan Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-T8-Dark-Tan-Poly
V2Hemi Orange1972-Dodge-Charger-V2-Hemi-Orange
W1Dover White1972-Dodge-Charger-W1-Dover-White
X9Black Diamond1972-Dodge-Charger-X9-Black-Diamond
Y1Top Banana1972-Dodge-Charger-Y1-Banana
Y2Sun Fire Yellow1972-Dodge-Charger-Y2-Sun-Fire-Yellow
Y8Gold Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-Y8-Gold-Poly
Y9Dark Gold Poly.1972-Dodge-Charger-Y9-Dark-Gold-Poly
JY-9Dark Gold Poly.No Paint Chip

* Poly. is another way of saying Metallic

1972 Dodge Charger Car Paint Colors Chart (OEM / Factory Colors)1972-Dodge-Charger-Factory-Paint-Chip-Chart-500px-Wide

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