The 1971 Ford Mustang was introduced to the public in 1970 under the approval of the former General Motors President, Semon Knudsen.

The 1971 Ford Mustang grew by threw inches to hold the 429 big block. The 429 big block was a 7.0L V8 that put out 375bhp @ 5200 RPM and 450 ft. lb of torque at 3,400 RPM. It was a beast, and meant to be driven fast.

The 1971 Ford Mustang was available as a hardtop, a sportsroof or convertible package.

CodeNameColor Chip
2Medium Bright Yellow1971-Ford-Mustang-2-Medium-Bright-Yellow
3Bright Red (Pinto Red)1971-Ford-Mustang-3-Bright-Red-Pinto-Red
4Bright Lime1971-Ford-Mustang-4-Medium-Lime
5Medium Brown Poly.1971-Ford-Mustang-5-Medium-Brown-Poly
6Acapulco Blue Poly.1971-Ford-Mustang-6-Acapulco-Blue-Poly
8Morning Gold1971-Ford-Mustang-8-Morning-Gold
ARaven BlackNo-Paint-Chip
BMaroon Poly.
CDark Green Poly.1971-Ford-Mustang-C-Dark-Green-Poly
DGrabber Yellow1971-Ford-Mustang-D-Grabber-Yellow-Pinto-Yellow
EMedium Yellow Gold (Pinto Gold)1971-Ford-Mustang-E-Medium-Yellow-Gold-Pinto-Gold
IGrabber Lime1971-Ford-Mustang-I-Grabber-Lime-Pinto-Lime
JGrabber Blue1971-Ford-Mustang-J-Grabber-Blue-Pinto-Blue
MWimbledon White1971-Ford-Mustang-M-Wimbledon-White
NPastel Blue1971-Ford-Mustang-N-Pastel-Blue
PMedium Green Poly.1971-Ford-Mustang-P-Medium-Green-Poly
VLight Pewter Poly.1971-Ford-Mustang-V-Light-Pewter-Poly
ZGrabber Green Poly.1971-Ford-Mustang-Z-Grabber-Green-Poly

* Poly. is another way of saying Metallic

1971 Ford Mustang Factory Car Paint Color Chart1971-Ford-Mustang-Factory-Paint-Chip-Chart-500px-Wide

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