1970 Pontiac GTO Car Paint Colors

The 1970 Pontiac GTO received a reshaped front end, a few body creases and a new 455 V8 was added to the options list. Of course, “The Judge” option was still available for those who wanted the best muscle car money could buy.

The 1970 Pontiac GTO received a few notable upgrades and/or options, specifically the Hurst SSJ version which provided an electric sunroof and gold colored wheels and a VOE option which reduced back pressure and helped to increase power output.

Code Name Color Chip
10 Polar White 1970-Pontiac-GTO-10-Polar-White
14 Palladium Silver Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-14-Palladium-Silver-Poly
19 Starlight Black 1970-Pontiac-GTO-19-Starlight-Black
25 Bermuda Blue Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-25-Bermuda-Blue-Poly
26 Lucerne Blue Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-26-Lucerne-Blue-Poly
28 Atoll Blue Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-28-Atoll-Blue-Poly
34 Mint Turquoise Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-34-Mint-Turquoise-Poly
43 Keylime Green Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-43-Keylime-Green-Poly
45 Palisade Green Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-45-Palisade-Green-Poly
47 Verdoro Green Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-47-Verdoro-Green-Poly
48 Pepper Green Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-48-Pepper-Green-Poly
50 Sierra Yellow 1970-Pontiac-GTO-50-Sierra-Yellow
53 Coronado Gold Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-53-Coronado-Gold-Poly
55 Baja Gold Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-55-Baja-Gold-Poly
58 Granada Gold Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-58-Granada-Gold-Poly
63 Palomino Copper Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-63-Palomino-Copper-Poly
67 Castillian Bronze Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-67-Castillian-Bronze-Poly
75 Cardinal Red 1970-Pontiac-GTO-75-Cardinal-Red
78 Burgundy Poly. 1970-Pontiac-GTO-78-Burgundy-Poly

* Poly. is another way of saying Metallic

1970 Pontiac GTO Car Paint Colors Chart (OEM / Factory Colors)1970-Pontiac-GTO-Factory-Paint-Chip-Chart-500px-Wide

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