1970 Ford Mustang Car Paint Colors

For 1970, the Ford Mustang was yet again restyled; this time it was to tone down the “aggressiveness” that caused they sales to plummet in 1969. In doing so, they went back to single headlamps and simplified some other exterior design elements. Even though Ford restyled the 1970 Ford Mustang to be less aggressive and help boost sales, they sold less units than the previous 1969 Ford Mustang.

Ford also changed out engine options for the 1970 Ford Mustang, going from the previous 351W (Windsor) to a new 351C (Cleveland). The 351C put out roughly 300bhp at 5400rpm.

Ford also produced two unique versions of their 1970 Ford Mustang; the 1970 Ford Mustang Twister Special sent to Kansas dealers and the 1970 Ford Mustang Sidewinders which were sold in Iowa and Nebraska. The “Twister Special” were Mach 1’s with Grabber Orange paint and the “Sidewinders” were available in Grabber Green, Grabber Blue, Calypso Coral and Yellow.

Code Name Color Chip
1 Calypso Coral No Paint Chip
2 Light Ivy Yellow (New Lime) 1970-Ford-Mustang-2-New-Lime
4 Silver Jade Poly. [Shelby Mustang Carry Over Color] No Paint Chip
6 Medium Bright Blue Poly. 1970-Ford-Mustang-6-Acapulco-Blue-Poly-Hulla-Blue-Poly
6 Pastel Gray [Shelby Mustang Carry Over Color] No Paint Chip
9 Bright Yellow (Grabber Yellow) [Shelby Mustang Carry Over Color] 1970-Ford-Mustang-9-Pastel-Yellow
A Raven Black 1970-Ford-Mustang-A-Raven-Black-History-Onyx
B Royal Maroon [Shelby Mustang Carry Over Color] 1970-Ford-Mustang-B-Dark-Maroon
C Black Jade Poly. [Shelby Mustang Carry Over Color] No Paint Chip
C Dark Ivy Green Poly. 1970-Ford-Mustang-C-Dark-Ivy-Green-Poly-Bring-Em-Back-Olive-Poly
D Acapulco Blue Poly. [Shelby Mustang Carry Over Color] No Paint Chip
D Competition Yellow 1970-Ford-Mustang-D-Bright-Yellow-Last-Stand-Custard
F Gulfstream Aqua Poly. [Shelby Mustang Carry Over Color] No Paint Chip
G Medium Lime Poly. 1970-Ford-Mustang-G-Medium-Lime-Poly
J Grabber Blue 1970-Ford-Mustang-J-Grabber-Blue
K Bright Gold Poly. 1970-Ford-Mustang-K-Bright-Gold-Poly-Freudian-Gilt-Poly
M Wimbeldon White 1970-Ford-Mustang-M-Wimbeldon-White-Knight-White
N Pastel Blue 1970-Ford-Mustang-N-Diamond-Blue-Baby-Blue-Ice
Q Medium Blue Poly. 1970-Ford-Mustang-Q-Medium-Blue-Poly-There-She-Blue-Poly
S Medium Gold Poly. 1970-Ford-Mustang-S-Champagne-Gold-Poly-Good-Clean-Fawn-Poly
T Candy Apple Red 1970-Ford-Mustang-T-Candy-Apple-Red-Counter-Revolutionary-Red
U Grabber Orange 1970-Ford-Mustang-U-Grabber-Orange
Y Chestnut Poly. 1970-Ford-Mustang-Y-Medium-Bronze-Poly
Z Grabber Green 1970-Ford-Mustang-Z-Grabber-Green

* Poly. is another way of saying Metallic, ** Shelby Mustang Carry Over Color

1970 Ford Mustang Car Paint Colors Chart (OEM / Factory Colors)1970-Ford-Mustang-Factory-Paint-Chip-Chart-500px-Wide

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