The 1970 Dodge Charger stuck with the same body as the 1969 Dodge Charger, except for a few trim changes. They did, however, add a “Special Edition” or “SE” package for 500’s and R/T’s. Beyond that, the 70 Dodge Charger didn’t change much.

CodeNameColor Chip
A4Silver Metallic (Platinum Metallic)1970 Dodge Charger Silver Poly Paint Color
A9Dark Grey Metallic (Charcoal Metallic)Dark Gray Poly
B3Light Blue Metallic (Pale Blue Metallic)Light Blue Poly
B5Bright Blue Metallic (Brite Blue Metallic)1970-Dodge-Charger-B5-Brite-Blue-Poly
B7Dark Blue Metallic (Medium Dark Blue Metallic)
C7Plum Metallic (Purple Metallic)Plum Crazy
E5Bright Red (Light Brite Red)
F4Light Geen Metallic
F8Dark Green Metallic1970-Dodge-Charger-F8-DK-Green-Poly
J5Lime Metallic (Lime Green)
K2Go Mango (Vitamic C Orange Metallic)1970-Dodge-Charger-K2-Vitamin-C-Orange-Poly
K5Dark Burnt Orange Metallic1970-Dodge-Charger-K5-Medium-Burnt-Orange-Poly
Q3Light Turquoise Metallic (Light Peacock Metallic)1970-Dodge-Charger-Q3-LT-Peacock-Poly
R8Burgundy Metallic (Dark Red Metallic)1970-Dodge-Charger-R8-DK-Red-Poly
T3Tan Metallic (Light Tan Metallic)1970-Dodge-Charger-T3-LT-Tan-Poly
T6Dark Tan Metallic 1970-Dodge-Charger-T6-Medium-DK-Tan-Poly
V2Hemi Orange1970-Dodge-Charger-V2-Hemi-Orange
Y1Bright Yellow (Super Yellow)1970-Dodge-Charger-Y1-Super-Yellow
Y3Antique Ivory (Light Gold)1970-Dodge-Charger-Y3-LT-Gold
Y4Light Gold Metallic (Mystic / Citron Gold Metallic)1970-Dodge-Charger-Y3-LT-Gold
Y6Gold Metallic (Medium Citron Gold Metallic)1970-Dodge-Charger-Y6-Medium-Citron-Gold-Poly

* Poly. is another way of saying Metallic

1970 Dodge Charger Car Paint Colors Chart (OEM / Factory Colors)1970-Dodge-Charger-Factory-Paint-Chip-Chart-500px-Wide

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