1968 Chevrolet Camaro Car Paint Colors

A Brief History of the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

The year 1967 marked the debut of Chevrolet’s answer to the Ford Mustang: the Camaro. By 1968, Chevrolet had firmly established the Camaro as a contender in the muscle car scene. Designed as a sporty, rear-wheel-drive coupe with powerful engine options, the 1968 Camaro was an evolution of the original design. While retaining its core structure, the '68 model underwent a series of updates, including a more aerodynamic shape, the introduction of side-marker lights, and a revamped interior.


Most notably, the 1968 Camaro featured a multitude of engine options, from a 230-cubic-inch straight-six to a beastly 396-cubic-inch V8, known as the "big block." This range allowed buyers to customize their ride according to their needs, whether for cruising or racing. The car also featured several special packages like the SS (Super Sport), RS (Rally Sport), and the high-performance Z/28 variant, which was primarily aimed at road racing and came with better suspension and a more powerful engine. These options were not just to boost performance, but also to heighten the Camaro's overall aesthetic and street appeal. One element that contributed significantly to this was the available range of paint colors.

The Palette of 1968: More Than Just a Color

Color played a significant role in distinguishing the 1968 Camaro from its competition and even its predecessor. The year saw a host of new and exciting color options that seemed to capture the spirit of the era. From subdued tones like "Ash Gold" and "Grotto Blue" to bolder options like "Seafrost Green" and "Matador Red," the choices were diverse and striking.


What set the 1968 Camaro apart was the way in which these colors were employed. For instance, the Rally Sport package often featured a contrasting nose stripe, while the Super Sport package came with a distinctive "bumblebee" stripe that circled the front end of the car. The Z/28 version took it a step further by offering racing stripes that started from the front of the hood and went all the way to the rear.


Even beyond these packages, Chevrolet offered "Special Paint" options for buyers who wanted a custom color, a practice not too common in those days. This enabled Camaro owners to truly personalize their rides, making each car a unique piece of automotive art.

The Legacy of Color in the 1968 Camaro

The 1968 Chevrolet Camaro didn’t just offer a ride; it offered an experience—a rolling expression of personality and freedom. The colors were not merely paint; they were a statement. In a way, the hues chosen by the original owners have come to define individual cars in the present day, affecting not just their aesthetic appeal but also their collectible value.

Today, restored 1968 Camaros often retain their original colors or are restored to match them, as part of preserving the vehicle’s history and authenticity. Collectors and enthusiasts pay close attention to the color codes, hunting down original paint samples or modern equivalents to bring these classics back to life.

The legacy of the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro is a vivid one, quite literally. The range of colors offered allowed it to stand out in a competitive market, providing an additional layer of attraction that has helped to keep this model in the collective imagination for more than half a century. Whether showcased in car shows, depicted in movies, or treasured in personal collections, the Camaro’s vibrant colors continue to contribute to its enduring allure.

In conclusion, the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro wasn't just another muscle car. It was a symbol of a time and a lifestyle, a combination of engineering and artistry, all expressed through a palette of colors that still captures the imagination today.


Code Name Color Chip
D Grotto Blue Poly. 1968 Camaro DD Grotto Blue Poly
E Fathom Blue Poly. 1968-Camaro-EE-Fathom-Blue-Poly
F Island Teal Poly. 1968-Camaro-FF-Island-Teal-Poly
G Ash Gold Poly. 1968-Camaro-GG-Ash-Gold-Poly
H Grecian Green Poly. 1968-Camaro-HH-Grecian-Green-Poly
J Rallye Green Poly. 1968-Camaro-JJ-Rallye-Green-Poly
K Tripoli Turquoise Poly. 1968-Camaro-KK-Tripoli-Turquoise-Poly
L Teal Blue Poly. 1968-Camaro-LL-Teal-Blue-Poly
N Cordovan Maroon Poly. 1968-Camaro-NN-Cordovan-Maroon-Poly
P Seafrost Green Poly. 1968-Camaro-PP-Seafrost-Green-Poly
V Sequoia Green Poly. 1968-Camaro-VV-Sequoia-Green-Poly

* Poly. is another way of saying Metallic

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Factory Car Paint Color Chart

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